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The code system is prepared to choose of the most suitable product which requirement of our customers. The product code can be formed easily with this system and you can prepare an order list quite easily. When our customer ask that "which product is suitable fo our need?" there was some unclear points in answer due to wide products ranges. The system has solved the unclear points for now and future.

Our products are categorised in 9 main class by this system. And the main classes are enumarated with 14 digit code numbers. Filter by selecting the product category. Each digit have own meaning and can be learned from the following sheets.


Tüm Ürün Kodları
Pompa Ürün Kodları
Pto Ürün Kodları
Hidrolik Valf Ürün Kodları
Kardan Milli Ürün Kodları
Yedek Parçalar Ürün Kodları
Pnömatik Ürün Kodları
Teleskopik Ürün Kodları
Yağ Tankı Ürün Kodları